What is this?

Private Trackers are effectively websites which provide torrents, with the same functionality as a public tracker (think ThePirateBay or KickassTorrents). However they are invite only (generally speaking). This means that you must be a member of these sites to utilize and download “their” torrents. Generally you cannot register, and instead you must be invited by an already active member, usually these members have also been authorized to actually invite new users.

Within these trackers, there are usually long-ass rules most people don’t bother to read (read them and follow them or get banned). These rules usually cover how much an individual user can download, what content can be uploaded, etc. Depending on the tracker these rules can be pretty lack-a-daisy to turbo-autismo.

Advantages of using Private-Trackers

  • SPEED :if you’re used to using Torrents, you’ll understand that more seeds = faster downloads. Private-Trackers “encourage” (see: banned if you dont contribute) members to seed torrents for as long as possible, to ensure a steady amount of seeders so downloads remain consistent. A lot of users just opt for a Seedbox (Server which literally just seeds torrents for you, usually like 10 dollars a month). This is useful as it provides good download speeds for files, so you can download your dumb obscure 80s hentai.
  • Retention :Most of these Private Torrent sites also have a minimum amount of seeding time. Basically a lot of torrents for obscure shit (see above) will actually have seeders and you can actually download them at speeds greater than the shitty 20kbs you get for it on ThePirateBay.
  • Selection :Not all content can be found on major public sites (oddly enough). Some trackers specialize in really obscure/rare shit, so it won’t be lost to time. Think videos of Finnish models farting from the 60s.
  • Quality Control :The major benefit of belonging to a private tracker (this is very very varied between trackers) is the level of quality control. Good Private Trackers have turbo-naziautist levels of rules regarding content format, quality, and organization. Good Music Trackers will ensure you’re getting top quality FLACS/MP3s, Movie trackers will provide good encodings, etc etc. Often Members/Staff manually approve each torrent. Trumping rules and the removal of duplicates ensure you only get one, community-approved source for the specific content and format. This, coupled with a decent site layout, makes private trackers much more orderly than public ones.
  • Security Most private torrent sites are so obscure that most individuals won’t bother to try to join (security via obscurity). In addition to this, most scammers/virus hosts will try focus on really large public sites (ThePirateBay for instance) which are easy to fish for peers, rather than these autistic sites which are hard af to join

How Safe/Secure are these trackers/sites?

This depends entirely on the precautions of the operator. Some are shady and will use your information for profit, some are not. Two important precautions to take:

  • Don’t use the same password across multiple trackers. This is what you should do for all websites BTW idiot. Operates of shady sites can often use this common vulnerability among people to steal accounts from other websites (like your nhentai account).
  • Don’t tie personal information to these. This includes a non-throwaway (AKA you can deal with deleting this and not needing it, basically just a spare email account). If you don’t use a throwaway, information regarding your email can be used to harm/track you. In addition to this hackers may deface the website and use your personal information for gain. So don’t post about yourself on the website FFS - and dont fucking post in those “post a picture of yourself” shit, but if you do, post pictures of elliot rodger.
  • How do I join these sites?

    Before doing this, you gotta sit down and really ask yourself: “What do I actually need?”. If you’re fine with downloading off ThePirateBay then you might not need to join. Mainly due to Private Trackers being a long process to join most of the time. Joining these trackers aren’t hard persey, just time-consuming. Effectively if you’re looking for some normie shit in like 480p yiffy mp4 files then just stick with TPP or KAT. But if you want to build a nice comprehensive library of consisten and superior quality with decent encodes, and proper tagging then you’ll want to heavily consider joining a tracker.


    joining an OPEN-SIGNUP TRACKER. These are the easiest to join. A lot of trackers start out very small and require an open-sign up to attract users before they offer limited entry (or are just always open EG: BakaBT.) There are numerous websites that keep track of the aformentioned (opentrackers.org, opentrackers.net, btracs.com, /r/OpenSignups). UNless you’re looking for something very specific, just go to RUTRACKER (Rutracker.org). It’s in Russian. RuTracker is a really good website since it’s an open website, with decent comprehensive collections, high seeder rates and high standards, despite low ratio-restrictions (you dont need to seed for that long). Honestly speaking unless you’re an autist, you’ll probably be content with whatever you need via this site.

    However, it isn’t always this easy.Some other methods of joining will be noted.

  • Paying to illegally download stuff (kek). Some trackers will let you join for a fee (For instance IPTorrents). This is basically to prevent cheaters from abusing the system (paying for another account, yet this doesnt stop CSGO hackers lmao), as if they fuck up they lose their account, thus their money. As a BTW IPTorrents is aids for a plethora of reasons, and even having a good rep (EG: Good Upload Ratio) from them wont really bring you anywhere (like putting “Assistant Janitor” on your resume when applying as a Lawyer).

  • Interview some trackers have an interview system (see: what.cd before they got the Z U C C ). It basically means you join an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and answer questions asked by their staff (What.cd had like 50+ wtf). It’s mostly a way to review if youre autistic enough to upload shit in the most obscure file-types and also to see your “origin” as almost all of them will ask that you join via your home connection.

  • Invite Forums This is more of a “after you get good rep” type of entry. Basically once you’ve established a good reputation (good upload ratios, rare uploads, organized downloads etc) you will be able to move onto more restrictive/elite trackers. Most top trackers required new users to have a good history and good standings (EG: Power Users/Elite Userclasses) on a tracker that they trust (EG: What.CD and Waffle.CD). The tracker scene is a very small world, and tracker staff are often friends/will cooperate with other trackers (or hate each others guts). As such there are often recruitment threads on various trackers, so they can exchange good-standing users for the benefit of all.

  • Kool Kids Klub Once you’ve made it to the big boys league, the rest is really up to you - you can try to join some of the ultra-exclusive trackers like EXIGO or HDbits (Dont bother with Art of Misdirection unless you’re an actual professional magician lmao) - but by now these should have covered pretty much all methods of joining trackers, unless you’re trying to find something really specific, or youre just trying to do it for E-Peen.

  • Seedboxes

    "A seedbox is a dedicated server at a high speed datacenter with a public IP address for the downloading and seeding of bittorrent files. Persons who have access to a seedbox can download these files to their personal computers at any time and from any place that has an internet connection." - Whirlpool

    Seedboxes are often unecessary for most members. Honestly speaking it’s pretty easy to do quite well even on hard-af websites such as Bibliotik (even with a 100kb/s upload speed ((provided that you actually upload))). However, individuals who want to use additional features from Seedboxes (for instance VPN) or download a fuckload of shit (HD 1080 BD rips or FLAC collections ((mfw i download 1tb of Touhou music))).

    Don't do this

  • Cheating Don’t cheat. Both your accounts, and everyone you’ve invited, and the users they’ve invited and so on, will be banned. Beware those who say cheating is “OK” (EG faking ratios etc)
  • Begging for invites. Don’t beg for invites from online forums. Tracker staff will ban you if you either hand out invites to beggars, or trying to find individuals who have begged (autistic people will mark you down)
  • Trading Invites Tracker Staff really, really hate this shit. If you are caught trading (and believe me buddy - you will be found out) they will go out of their way to track you down, and ban you, everyone who has gotten an invite from you, and will often cooperate with other trackers’ staff to ban your accounts on theirs as well (Think Turbo-Autist spending 20 minutes everyday staring at you because you passed wind in his direction). Don’t bother going to tracker-trading forums because tracker staff lurk those forums and even having an account there is a red-flag. Sites like What.CD even abused bugs in web browsers’ web history to determine whether or not users were even viewing these sites, and banned people based on this activity. Also Site Staff are known for posing as sellers to try and trap/ban users.
  • Posting on the Forums You’ll probably post something retarded and will piss off some Staff Member (remember they’re autistic as fuck) and will probably ban you for saying that your dumbass anime is better than his dumbass anime. You’re on the tracker to download shit. Keep posting to the forums to notify a bug or something, otherwise unless its of the utmost importance, don’t bother posting on the forums.
  • Talking to Staff/Being confrontational with staff They’re autistic manchildren who have powertrips. Just don’t give them a reason to ban you, which will often just be you never communicating with them unless 100% required. Just don’t rustle them, because they’ll beg the rest of their buttbuddies to ban you. They are “Always Right”. Basically just suck their dicks or keep a low profile (as with all non-anonymous sites)