hello, this is the personal website/portfolio of "Harajukuxyz" and Co.

Update: 29/12/16

Made a Startpage for personal usage, although I'm sure some individuals may want to use it as well, or use it as a template for their own. The CSS is also written in the document for your convenience, find it here

Update: 28/12/16

Made a new page regarding Private Trackers (mostly just information from /ptg/ and the installgentoo wiki). Check it here

Update: 27/12/16

Re-fixed some items on the index page, fixed up the scaling of the Akari background for higher backgrounds. Trying to fix up the mobile version of the website, but that'll be awhile since I'm lazy. Also watched Your Name, good film - 9/10.

Update: 26/12/16

Hello, I have constructed this website for blogging purposes and to display projects currently under development by myself. It will also contain links and files which spark my interest, whether it's for later usage, or for sharing out information with other individuals.

my /social/ media

also contact me via Harajuku@tutanota.com